48 Hours with The Queen’s Miscreants

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We’re looking for some Miscreants to be a part of our 2017 48 Hour Film Project team.


Weekend Date

August 11-13, 2017

Join the Team

If you’re interested in being a part of The Queen’s Miscreants 2017 48-Hour Film Festival team, please read about the available roles and apply below.

Available Roles

We are looking for talented, creative individuals to fill the following roles. In most cases, we are looking for both a primary and an assistant for each role. We are also happy to have back-up, and we also may be able to provide training in your desired role. All roles will receive mention by name in the end credits.

Director of Photography and Assistant Director of Photography

Description: The director of photography, also known as the “camera person,” is responsible for the film’s cinematography. Must have experience in this role and own equipment. Assistant director of photography will work directly under the director of photography to capture additional shots and generally provide the director of photography with experienced assistance.

Time Commitment: Between 12 and 20 hours, starting very early Saturday morning and filming until late Saturday evening.

Assistant Director and Second Assistant Director

Description: Assistant director works directly with the director, Carey Head, throughout the shoot to help ensure the director’s vision is achieved. AD will watch for details such as continuity issues and script problems, and coordinate with cast and crew to ensure everyone knows what they need to do. Second assistant director will work directly with the AD, and fill in as needed.

Time Commitment: Between 12 and 20 hours, beginning early Saturday morning and until the bitter end of filming, which may be very late Saturday night.

Editor and Assistant Editor

Description: The editor is responsible for taking raw footage and turning it into an actual film. Assistant editor will prepare raw footage into rough cuts throughout the production day and provide other assistance as requested by the editor.

Time Commitment: Between 12 and 20 hours, including a brief meeting on Saturday morning, then all night Saturday, and all day Sunday (editor) or all day Saturday into late night (assistant editor).

Music Director and Assistant Music Director

Description: The music director will be responsible for providing an original score to accompany the film. Must have own equipment. Assistant music director will assist in producing music for the film.

Time Commitment: Between 8 and 12 hours: Saturday meeting with Director/Editor, composing on your own, then recording Sunday morning and afternoon.

Digital Visual Effects

Description: The visual effects artist is responsible for punching up the final film with… well, visual effects. May include graphics for the credit screen and/or the intro, title, etc. Depending on resources and script, may even include some effects inside the film. We can complete the film without a visual effects artist, but this role would add a new layer of interest.

Time Commitment: Should be available for pre-production meeting with Director and DP on Saturday morning, then self-defined based on production schedule and time required to complete. Sunday morning to afternoon at a minimum.

Production Coordinator and Assistant Production Coordinator

Description: The production coordinator is responsible for coordinating the production schedule; communicating times, locations, and needed items with cast and crew; and maintaining careful documentation of locations, permissions, and credits.

Time Commitment: Between 12 and 20 hours, including about two hours late Friday night, then beginning early Saturday morning and all day to the bitter end of the shoot (usually late Saturday night).

Associate Producer

Description: Associate producer will work directly with the producer, Heather Head, to ensure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed on the details leading up to the big weekend. May include obtaining permissions from location owners, maintaining documentation, and other tasks as needed. Early Saturday morning may also include coordinating cast and crew, acquiring last-minute props, and scouting last-minute locations per the script.]

Time Commitment: Flexible. Plan to be available at least a few hours during the week or two leading up to the big day, and then to be available early on Saturday for a few hours.

Set Design

Description: Set designers will be responsible for reading the script and creating sets according to the director’s vision. May include coordinating and managing props, setting up locations for a scene, and even some mild costuming responsibilities.

Time Commitment: Roughly 8 to 10 hours, starting early Saturday morning until late in the afternoon Saturday.

Sound Crew

Description: Sound crew holds the boom! This is both an exhausting and a skilled job, but it can be learned on the job. Need to have good upper body/arm strength and lots of patience.

Time Commitment: Varies. Starting at 9am Saturday until late Saturday night. Can stay the entire time, or can be filled in shifts. General crew can sometimes fill in for this role.

Crew: AM, PM, and To The Bitter End

Description: Crew members may be asked to do any number of tasks on set, from moving items for the set designer, to cleaning up after filming is done. Please be prepared to be proactive and energetic. There will also be lots of down time, which is the fun time to visit and hang out. Bring books, devices, and games. Being on crew is a blast!

Time Commitment: Choose from one of three shifts on Saturday. AM Shift: 9am to 3pm. PM Shift: 3pm to 10pm. To The Bitter End Shift: Please plan to show up around 8 or 9pm and stay until whenever all of the filming is done and everything is cleaned up and returned to the state in which we found it.

Note: By the time the Bitter End Crew shows up, everyone else is EXHAUSTED. If you join this team, you will be our best friends forever and ever and we will love you to the ends of the earth. Also, please plan to be proactive and really make sure everything gets cleaned up and taken care of, because we will be tired and cranky. And we will LOVE YOU.

Craft Services: Breakfast and Lunch

Description: Craft services is responsible for ensuring the cast and crew are fed! Please choose either breakfast or lunch. Someone will contact you on Friday evening to let you know how many people will be on set. You will be responsible for coordinating to make sure there is adequate food, drink, plates, napkins, etc. Note: Signing up for craft services does not make you financially responsible for buying the food! Only for coordinating and making sure it happens.

Time Commitment: 1 to 2 hours. Choose either 9am for breakfast, or 12 noon for lunch.


Description: Cast members will be the faces and (in some cases) butts of the show! You do not have to have acting experience, although improv experience is highly desired. We cannot guarantee cast positions in advance. You will receive notice very late on Friday night if you have been selected for a role. Please be prepared to check your email (very) late on Friday and again (very) early Saturday morning, for a call time EARLY on Saturday. Even if not called for a specific role, you can show up on set to help out, and we will try to get you in as an extra.

Time Commitment: Varies. We will try to let you know on Friday night which hours we will need you. May be as many as 20 hours or as few as 3 or 4.

Filled Roles

Producer (Heather Head)

Description: Ensure all the other roles are appropriately filled, commitments have been settled, and responsibilities clearly communicated. Responsible for identifying and securing locations, sets, costumes, props, craft services, funds, paperwork, etc. Works closely between the Director and Production Coordinator during production to fill in any gaps that may come up at the last minute.

Time Commitment: Primarily prior to the production weekend, but additional time on Friday night (working with the Production Coordinator to communicate with everyone expectations for Saturday morning) and Saturday as needed.

Director (Carey Head)

Description: Directs.

Time Commitment: All friggin’ weekend


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