48 Hour Film Project in Charlotte

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We just wrapped up our weekend of filmmaking for the 2015 Charlotte 48 Hour Film Project! Here’s a brief recap of our wild two days:


Friday night at 6:30, Carey and the other team leads hit The Light Factory in Plaza-Midwood.  We pulled the genre “Fish Out of Water” on Friday night, and were told the three required elements:

  • Character: Stephen or Scarlet O’Farrell
  • Line of Dialog: “I have a funny feeling about this.”
  • Prop: garden hose

Around 7:30 PM, the writing team met on location in Belmont, NC.  We spent about 3 1/2 hours going over different ideas before settling on the one we really liked. We then created a “beat sheet” that the primary writers, Kevin and Carey, would use to create the actual script.  An email with call times, roles, and requests for wardrobes and props went out around midnight.

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Crew met at “home base” at 7:00 AM Saturday morning. Early cast had a call time of 8:00 AM, and we started shooting on the street around 8:45. We did most of the outside scenes first and finished up around noon. We hauled everything inside for the interior shots, which were all done in a turn-of-the-century bank building in downtown.

Around 6:30, we jumped into several vehicles to get the last two exterior shots done before we lost the light. There was much re-arranging of vehicles to get the shots correct.  We then piled back in and headed back to downtown for our final scene.

We completed filming around 11:00 PM that night, which was a 16-hour day for most of the team (including 14 hours on set for our 7 year-old actor, who was very patient!).

Carey (Director) and Jamison (Director of Photography) headed north to the Kannapolis editing studios and worked all night getting the rough cut together.


Jeremy and Ali (composers) arrive at the editing studio around 8:00 AM to review the rough cut and get an overview of what’s needed. While they work on the score, Jamison continues to put the finishing touches on the video and audio, and Carey gathers up the last-minute logistics of paperwork.

Carey departs Kannapolis around 5:30 PM and makes it to the drop-off a full half hour before the official deadline!  After the ceremonies there, Carey joins much of the cast at his house for the first cast & crew viewing of the film!

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